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"Mere words cannot adequately express the positive outcomes early intervention and therapy have made in Evan’s case. The differences between the toddler who walked through the doors and the boy Evan is today are nothing short of amazing!! Our family is very blessed to have CTC and its staff in our lives!"                                        

Tasha Schillinger

Children who receive needed therapy services have a much greater chance of becoming independent and productive adults. Entire communities benefit when these kids receive the services they need to achieve their highest level of independence. Imagine a little one taking a first step, saying a first word or eating without a feeding tube. Most might take these things for granted, however, these are life-changing achievements for the kiddos we serve. You will share in their achievements through your generous support!



Everyday Needs

Our need for volunteers varies seasonally. Volunteer opportunities might include washing toys used in therapy, landscaping and/or yard work, interior painting, etc. If interested in volunteering your time, please contact:

Tim Smith

VP Operations


We also benefit greatly from the support of community volunteers and organizations that not only support our events and programs, but also host fundraisers on our behalf. If you would like to host a fundraiser on our behalf, please contact:

Chris VanSpeybroeck

VP Development

  • Monetary donations    

  • Therapy scholarship--On average, a child receives 3 units of therapy per week. You can sponsor a child for a week, a month or an entire year.     

  • Stocks & bonds   

  • Real estate   

  • Life insurance policies  

  • Memorials & bequests/wills  

  • Trusts     

  • Special event sponsorship & in-kind donation opportunities including:         

     Chuck Long Charity Auction  

     Heroes with Heart! 

     Craft Beer & Trivia Night

     iCan Shine Bike Camp                               Charity Bass Tournament     

Some of the everyday items that we need on a regular basis:

Snacks: Goldfish crackers, Cheerios, animal crackers, vanilla wafers, Froot Loops cereal, Lucky Charms cereal

Baby Needs: Baby wipes, disposable diapers (sizes 1-6)

Batteries: AAA, AA, C, D, 9V

Cleaning Products: Dish soap, Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Swiffer WetJet refills

Office Supplies: Computer/Copy paper, Post-It notes, white 8.5" x 11" cardstock paper, standard staples, black ballpoint pens, washable markers, dry-erase markers, crayons

Gift Cards: Hy-Vee, WalMart, Caseys, Kwik Star, etc.

Capital campaign donors (as of April 2019)

whiteys logo.png
moline foundation logo.png

Hunt & Diane Harris Family Foundation

Sandra & Neil Fuller 

Vernon & Susan Stackhouse 

Rajesh & Subha Kalathur

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regional development authority logo.png
hubbell waterman logo.png
geneseo foundation logo.png
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senb logo full.png

Southeast National Bank/

McLaughlin Family

scott co reg auth.jpg
bank orion logo.jpeg

Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust 

Hallene Family Foundation

James Kopel 

George & Margaret McDoniel 

David & Bev Thies

Leanna & Chris Moen M.D.

Vonderhaar Foundation

Will Moon Family Foundation

Rotary Clubs of the Quad Cities

Rick Simpson

Tom & Barb Pasmore 

Doris & Victor Day Foundation  

Dan & Cheryl Donahue 

Andy & Betsy Recker

Scott & Beth Ford 

Thad DenHartog 

Thoms Families

Sharon Michaelsen

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pappas oconnor.jpeg

CBM Companies/

Chris & Becky McAlister

geneseo GIFT foundation.png
KerkhoffHomes logo 3.jpg

Dan & Beth Neff 

Jackson Francque 

Terri & Gene Fildes 

Sandy Seeley-Copely 

William & Bonnie Bell 

W.K. Junker & Nancy Rawlings

Duncan Cameron Foundation

Wanda Robb  

Lundahl Trust

Coulter Trust

Brian Westin

Gerard & Colleen Huiskamp Foundation

Johnson Watkins Family Foundation

Chuck Long 

Elizabeth Adrian 

Chris VanSpeybroeck

Angie Peterson

Warren & Catherine Hadley

Larry Pozzi

Pediatric Group

Kathleen Wolfe

CD Wiman Memorial Trust

Tim Smith 

Craig & Sherri Behr DeVrieze

Elizabeth Urbaniak

Robert Hammill 

Thomas Manion

Paula Dull

Bryant Ross

Matt & Lynette Wilson 

Allison Lachenauer

Blackhawk Bank

Gene Donna

Krista Aring 

Dr. Michael Turner

Jim & Marie Foster

Gary & Kathleen Post

Charles & Jean Hanson

Donald & Joyce Chamberlain 

Anna & Bill Axup 

Stacy Hedeen 

Bonnie Potter

Katherine Bodenbender

Gene & Jean McGonigle

Byron & Dorothy Beck

Children's Therapy Center Staff

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